Student Code of Conduct

Parental Notification, Conduct Procedures and Records

Parental Notification

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provide the University the option to notify parents or guardians about specific types of information from a student’s conduct record including the use or possession of alcohol or other drugs by a student under the age of 21.

Conduct Procedures

Students who violate the Student Conduct Code are subject to disciplinary actions with sanctions ranging from a verbal warning to expulsion from the university. Information regarding University conduct procedures is found in the student handbook, the Fledgling, or at Student Conduct


Confidentiality of Records

A student may authorize the release of his/her disciplinary record to any party by completing both a FERPA and judicial release form. Information related to FERPA can be found at here. 

Destruction of Records

All records of cases in the Office of Student Affairs shall be maintained in a location designated by the Office of Student Affairs until such time as they are destroyed in accordance with the destruction schedule established by the University.

Adoption and Amendments

Additional rules and regulations may be promulgated during the academic year and will be updated to the University’s website upon adoption.