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Student Code of Conduct


Office of Student Affairs Authority

The Board of Trustees and the president of the University are ultimately responsible for governing the University. The student conduct system is administered by the University’s Chief Student Affairs Officer. The University’s Chief Student Affairs Officer, in turn, designates the University Student Conduct Officer with administrative authority and responsibility for oversight and enforcement of Student Conduct policies and procedures.  This responsibility includes formulating and implementing policies and procedures, in cooperation with other appropriate University bodies, for the consideration of conduct violations and the imposition of sanctions in an efficient, consistent, fair, legal, and educationally meaningful manner. The University Student Conduct Officer may further delegate responsibility to various judicial bodies and administrative staff (e.g., Housing and Residence Life staff, Justice Council and Administrative Council).

When there is an allegation that a student has committed an offense that is also a crime, a student can be charged both by the criminal justice system and the student conduct system. Disciplinary action at the University will normally proceed independently of pending criminal charges even if charges involving the same incident have been dismissed by the criminal justice system.