The University of Montevallo prohibits possession or use of firearms, ammunition, bowie knives, instruments of like kind, bows and arrows, and other potentially dangerous weapons, including firecrackers or other explosive devices, in all University buildings, facilities and properties. A gun permit does not authorize a staff member, faculty member, student or visitor to bring firearms onto the University of Montevallo campus under any circumstances.

In the case that an individual inadvertently possesses a firearm or other weapon on University property, said weapon must be registered and relinquished to the University Police Department. Firearms and other weapons possessed legally which are brought to the University Police Department will be released to the owner upon the owner’s departure from University property. Under no circumstances should a loaded weapon be brought onto campus or to the Police Department for storage.

This policy applies to all employees (faculty and staff), contractors, students and visitors. Exception is made for University Police Officers, civil law enforcement officers, private security in the employ of the University. Law enforcement officers who are attending classes as students, and who are not in uniform, must keep weapons concealed and have appropriate credentials.