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Department of Public Safety

Vehicle Registration

All faculty, staff, and students parking cars on campus are expected to register their vehicles. Students parking on campus must register their vehicles and/or motorcycles annually, for which a fee is charged and the appropriate permit issued. Faculty and staff are issued a permanent hang tag, which must be returned to the University upon leaving their employment.

Once a University of Montevallo “M#” has been assigned through the enrollment or employment process, the BossCars application in forUM can be used to register a vehicle.

Temporary Parking Permit

Temporary permits are for short-term use in the event that a University-registered vehicle is being repaired or a parking permit is temporarily misplaced or forgotten. These may be obtained 24-7 at the UM Police Dispatch office, located in the Physical Plant. Guests must also register their vehicles through the UM Police Dispatch office to receive a temporary permit.

Disabled Parking Permit Registration

Faculty, staff, and students who have state-issued disabled parking placards or license plates must have University-issued disabled parking permits to park in Blue Zone parking spaces. In order to be issued a blue disabled parking permit, a receipt or registration for your state placard/license plate must be presented to Disability Support Services, located in Main Hall. If you have already purchased a regular parking permit, it should be turned in to Disability Support Services with previously mentioned documentation to receive your new parking permit.

Faculty-Staff and Drivers with Disabilities Permit Placement

Upon registration, faculty, staff, and drivers with disabilities will be issued the appropriately zoned hang tag parking permit. To be properly displayed, the permit must be hung from the rearview mirror with the decal number facing the windshield and unobstructed by any other objects.