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Safe Driver Course

Driving Exercises

Serpentine Driving

The purpose is to develop timing and steering skills. Coordination of hand, eye, and foot are stressed. Drivers integrate the ability to judge vehicle placement with respect to fixed objects.

Emergency Braking

The drivers become familiar with the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system (ABS), by utilizing maximum braking and bringing the vehicle to a complete stop.

Evasive Maneuvers

The purpose of this exercise is to teach the drivers the evasive capabilities of an automobile and how to maximize these capabilities. Emphasis is placed on steering the vehicle out of a hazardous situation while avoiding the tendency to panic brake.

Precision Driving

This activity acquaints drivers with the cornering ability of a vehicle. Smooth acceleration and rhythmical steering patterns are emphasized.

Controlled Braking

This exercise is designed to develop the driver’s ability to maximize braking capacity without losing the ability to steer the vehicle. Application is made to both controlled braking and anti-lock braking.

Skid Control

This sequence allows the drivers to experience a series of skids under controlled conditions. The drivers receive instruction on how skids occur as well as the proper steering recommendations to correct the skid. Tips on the prevention of skids are also presented.


Advanced defensive driving concepts are reinforced through the use of driving simulation units. These interactive units allow the students to practice braking, steering, speed control, vision, skid control, and evasive maneuvers with real-time feedback.

Each student drives a Traffic Safety Center vehicle in the series of driving course performance exercises. Ample time is allotted to allow gradual upgrading of execution techniques. Students should leave this course segment with a greater comprehension of vehicle control skills.

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