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Alabama Traffic Safety Center

Safe Driver Course

March 4th, 2021 – Next Safe Driver Course

The Safe Driver course is a specialized one-day hands-on driving course offered to corporate groups and individuals in an effort to reduce driving risks. The Safe Driver course is taught utilizing classroom instruction, simulation and  hands on driving experience.
The one-day, hands-on Safe Driver course offered by the Alabama Traffic Safety Center is a four-phase program incorporating classroom, simulation, driving range, and skid instruction. Classroom sessions present a philosophy of safe driving highlighting a number of risk factors associated with vehicle crashes.  Risk management, crash avoidance, and advanced defensive driving concepts are also taught.  The classroom session can be modified to include training on inherent risks specific to the employee’s driving task. Time is also spent on current trends and issues which create risk in the modern driving environment.  Advanced defensive driving concepts are reinforced through the use of driving simulation units. These simulation units present real world driving scenarios in a controlled and safe setting.
The one-day format allows for increased interaction during the classroom and simulation segments of the course, while also allowing the student maximum behind-the-wheel time on the driving range.  Students drive Alabama Traffic Safety Center vehicles through a series of performance exercises in which vision, vehicle control, and crash avoidance skills are sequentially practiced.
Students are instructed in proper skid correcting measures, then experience skids in the Traffic Safety Center’s specially equipped vehicles.  By participating in skids, students and the instructor know if the requisite skid control skills have been learned.  The hands-on experience provided by this activity stays in the student’s memory long after the class is completed.


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