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College Ahead (Dual Enrollment)



Information necessary for class signup is below.  Once you have determined the course you would like to take, use the registration tab above to guide you through the process of applying for the program.

General Education Courses

While every major differs, students are all required to complete certain basic coursework. These are called General Education Courses. Many students complete these first while they are still unsure about a major. This allows you to concentrate on your major subject areas in your junior and senior years. Because most universities require the same basics these are often easily transferrable for credit at other universities making them an excellent choice  during the College Ahead program.

Courses Available

Students can see a list of all currently scheduled classes and a list of all General Education Courses at the links below.

Class Schedule Source General Education Courses

Parking On Campus

Students must register their vehicles before parking at the University of Montevallo.

Color Coded Parking.  Permits are color coded to show where students are authorized to park.  Students who live off campus are considered commuter students.  Red parking spaces are reserved for commuters and are located in most parking lots on campus.

Tickets. If you park without a permit or in a zone other than Red, you may receive a ticket.  These are automatically posted against the balance in your account.  You cannot register for additional classes until you have paid the fine.  Cars receiving numerous tickets may be booted until fines have been paid.

Fines can be paid through the Banner Self Service link.


Information regarding the text to be used in a class can be found on the course list discussed in the link for Courses Available. 

Several options are available for the purchase of textbooks.  These options include going through the following sources:

Campus Bookstore Online through Barnes & Noble
Campus Bookstore/Barnes & Noble in Farmer Hall

Campus Bookstore

Once a professor has chosen a book for your class, the link to the textbook will be available in the registration screen. From this screen you can also reach the campus bookstore to make your order online. If ordered in this way, your book can either be delivered to your home or waiting for you at the store when you come to campus. Make sure that you save receipts until the start of class since text occasionally are changed at the last minute.

You can choose to purchase textbooks that are new, used or are rentals.

Campus Map

campus map

campus map