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Undergraduate Admissions

College Ahead (Dual Enrollment)

College Ahead

College Ahead is a way for high school juniors and seniors to take college courses while they are still attending high school. If this sounds like a program you would be interested in, use the menu on the left to read more about the program, then use the Registration tab to print and fill-in the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission?

  • Submit the College Ahead application with approval from guidance counselor and parent/guardian
  • Submit high school transcript
  • High School GPA = 3.0 (4-point scale)
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA in college-level work

Who is eligible?

High school seniors and juniors (with approval of their counselor) who meet the admissions requirements.

What is the maximum amount of college credit I can earn?

30 hours which is equal to one year of college work.

What is an example of a College Ahead plan of study?

Most students choose to take courses that are considered
General Education classes.

Junior Year
Fall, one course 3 hours credit
Spring, one course 3 hours credit
Summer, two courses 6 hours credit
Senior Year
Fall, one course  3 hours credit
Spring, one course  3 hours credit
Summer, four courses 12 hours credit
(after high school graduation)
One year of course work = 30 hours credit