Instructional Technology Toolkit



The tools below can be used to help you save time when finding and sharing information.
IP means in progress, purple button with gold check means approved, gold button purple check with asterisk means approved with exceptions

Adobe Express (formally Adobe Spark) Quick Action Features allow users to edit image, video, and PDF properties and create QR codes.
Adobe Express Quick Action Features HelpSheet

Box is an encrypted, cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that enables faculty, and staff to securely store and share files.

Box HelpSheet

Box Resources at UM

What is Box Sync

Download Box Drive and Edit

How to Upload Files to Box

Creating Shared Links in Box

Inviting Collaborators to Folders

Getting started with Box for beginners

DoodlePoll is a web-based scheduling tool that can be used to quickly determine meeting times when multiple people are available.

Doodlepoll HelpSheet

Use search operators to more efficiently conduct a Google search by expanding or eliminating search results. Most of the operators can be combined to even further narrow the focus of results.

Google Search Strategies HelpSheet

There are many websites that can be used to shorten long URL addresses.

URL Shorteners HelpSheet

Finding free images can be difficult. These four websites contain quality images and icons that are Public Domain or Creative Commons (CC0) – Attribution.

Websites for Free Images HelpSheet

It is important to consider accessibility for students who need accommodation as you plan course content and activities. Not all tools included in the Malone Center Instructional Technology Toolkit are fully accessible, but all can be valuable for teaching and learning. If you choose to use these tools, please consider how you will make the activity or assignment accessible if requested.