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Instructional Technology Toolkit

Time Savers


Google Search Strategies The Google search operators can be used to more efficiently conduct a Google search by expanding or eliminating search results. Most of the operators can be combined to even further narrow the focus of results.
Box Box is an encrypted, cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that enables faculty and staff to securely store, access, and share files. Box Sync is a productivity tool that provides an automated workflow to back-up/archive files. allows you to access your files online and collaboration with others. Box is supported by IS&T.
URL Shorteners There are many sites that can be used to shorten long URL addresses. Shortening a URL allows you to easily share a link on social media sites such as Twitter where the number of characters in a post is limited. When giving a presentation, it allows you to easily and quickly direct attendees to a website.
Doodle Polls Doodle is a web-based scheduling tool that can be used to quickly create polls to determine meeting times when multiple people are available

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