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Instructional Technology Toolkit

Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment
The tools below can be used the gain feedback on student understanding and can provide a non-consequential way for students to assess their own understanding and progress.

Answer Garden Instantly collect short (up to 40 characters), text-based feedback from students.
Blubbr.TV Create an interactive quiz game (Trivs) around one or more YouTube videos.
ClipChoose Create polls around two or more YouTube videos.
EDpuzzle Crop streaming videos, add an audio track or audio notes and embed questions and comments within the video.
Flipgrid Create video-based discussion boards.
GoSoapBox Create “Events” that can include polls, quizzes, discussions, confusion barometer and social Q&A (Backchannel).
Jeopardy-Style Review Games Create Jeopardy-style review games to increase student engagement and review concepts.
Kahoot Game-based classroom student response website that encourages student engagement and motivation with competition, bright music, fast-paced action, and music.
Mentimeter Create multiple choice, image choice, open-ended, word cloud, scales, ranking (100 points), 2 by 2 scales, or a quiz with this voting/polling tool.
Padlet Create virtual wall or online bulletin board that allows teachers and students to post thoughts or responses to a topic.
PingPong Collect student feedback during a lesson by multiple choice, true/false, and short-answer questions.
Plickers Students are given Plickers, “paper clickers.” As the instructor displays a multiple choice or true-false question, students hold up their “paper clicker” with their answer choice at the top of the card.
Poll Everywhere Collect student responses by multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, clickable image and Q&A/brainstorming polls.
QuizSocket Collect feedback from students during a lesson. The instructor would ask multiple choice questions verbally or post them on a whiteboard or other display.
Quizziz Game-based student response website where students compete for points based on response time and correct answer.
Socrative Create polls, surveys, and quizzes for classroom use.
Vialogues Design asynchronous online discussions around videos.

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