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Video & Audio Creation

Video & Audio Creation

Creating video and audio course content can be a valuable way to present information in face-to-face and online courses. The following tools can be used to develop instructional videos or podcasts, screencasts, and animated videos.

Adobe Spark Page allows users to create high-quality “Web Stories” and content presentations using their own images, text, and videos.

Adobe Spark PageHelpSheet

Animoto is a web-based video slideshow creator.

Animoto HelpSheet

Audacity is a free audio recording program. Audio can be recorded, edited, and exported in a variety of formats, including MP3.
Audacity HelpSheet

Doceri for iPad is a free app that can be used as an interactive whiteboard or to record screencasts. It allows users to create videos with text annotation, images, audio, and drawings. The screencasts can be shared as video, still images, or PDF files. Still images and PDF files will not include the associated screencast audio. This help sheet is only applicable to the Doceri iPad App.
Doceri HelpSheet

EDpuzzle allows users to crop streaming videos, add an audio track or audio notes and embed questions and comments within the video.

EDPuzzle HelpSheet

Educreations is an online recordable whiteboard that allows users to create videos with inserted images, audio, and annotations.

Educreations HelpSheet

Mysimpleshow is a web-based animated video creator.

MySimpleShow HelpSheet

Screencast-O-Matic is an online screen capture program that allows users to record videos of their computer screen.

Screencast HelpSheet

Wakelet HelpSheet