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Content Presentation

The following online tools can be used to present content information in a variety of formats such as “web stories,” interactive images, presentations, files sharing, etc. Tools for creating instructional videos and podcasts can be found on the Video & Audio Creation page. Online resources specific to content areas can be found on the Content-Specific Tools page.

Adobe Spark Page allows users to create high-quality “Web Stories” and content presentations using their own images, text, and videos.
Adobe Spark HelpSheet

Adobe Spark Video allows users to create high-quality videos using their own images or a variety of free images, icons, and text.
Adobe Spark Video HelpSheet

Box is an encrypted, cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that enables faculty, and staff to securely store and share files. Faculty and staff have no limits.
Box HelpSheet

Emaze is a web-based application used to create online presentations. It is an alternative to PowerPoint or Prezi.
Emaze HelpSheet

Quizlet is a free online study aid that can be used by faculty and students to create a variety of interactive study tools.
Quizlet HelpSheet

ThingLink is a web-based application that allows users to create interactive media-rich images.
Thinglink HelpSheet

Tiki-Toki is a web-based platform used to create interactive 3D visual timelines.
Tiki-Toki HelpSheet

Visuwords is a free interactive visual dictionary and thesaurus that graphically connects searched words to synonyms or “synsets nodes.” Synset associations can be hyponym/hypernym or meronym/holonym pairs. Clicking a node will display definitions and expand to reveal additional associations.
Visuwords HelpSheet