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Instructional Technology Toolkit

Summative Assessment

Adobe Spark Page Create high-quality “Web Stories” and content presentations using your own images, text, and videos.
Adobe Spark Post Create graphics formatted for the perfect shape and size for various social media accounts.
Adobe Spark Video Create high-quality videos using your own images or a variety of free images, icons, and text.
Animoto ?Create web-based video slideshow.
Educreations Online recordable whiteboard used to create videos with inserted images, audio, and annotations.
Emaze Create online presentations as an alternative to PowerPoint.
Mysimpleshow Create web-based videos that contain animated graphics and narration.
Padlet Create virtual wall or online bulletin board that allows teachers and students to post thoughts or responses to a topic.
Piktochart Create infographics that visually represent data or information.
Popplet Create mind maps, diagrams, concept maps and presentations that contain text, images, drawings, and videos.
Screencast-O-Matic Capture desktop screen and record videos.
Thing Link Create interactive, media rich images.
Tiki-Toki Create interactive 3D visual timelines.
Vialogues Design asynchronous online discussions around videos. Take synchronized, time-stamped notes while watching a YouTube, Khan Academy, Vimeo, TedX, Udacity or Coursera video.
VoiceThread Create collaborative presentations with media and incorporates asynchronous conversation by text, microphone, web camera or telephone.

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