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Instructional Technology Toolkit

Collaboration & Discussion Tools

Flipgrid Create video-based discussion boards.
GoSoapBox Create “Events” that can include polls, quizzes, discussions, confusion barometer and social Q&A (Backchannel).
NowComment Facilitate discussion, annotation and close reading around online material. Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF files, images and web page text can be uploaded.
Padlet Create virtual wall or online bulletin board that allows teachers and students to post thoughts or responses to a topic.
Popplet Create mind maps, diagrams, concept maps and presentations that contain text, images, drawings, and videos.
Quizlet Create interactive study tools and vocabulary information.
Vialogues Design asynchronous online discussions around videos. Take synchronized, time-stamped notes while watching a YouTube, Khan Academy, Vimeo, TedX, Udacity or Coursera video.
VoiceThread Create collaborative presentations with media and incorporates asynchronous conversation by text, microphone, web camera or telephone.

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