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Human and Animal Subjects Research


All research involving human or animal subjects conducted by either faculty or students under the direction of a faculty advisor must receive approval from the Human and Animal Subjects Research Committee (HASRC) prior to any data collection. The University of Montevallo requires that studies that meet the requirement for exemption based on are reviewed by the HASRC to verify that exemption criteria are met, but full committee review is not required. Research conducted on campus by individuals affiliated with other institutions must be reviewed and approved by the HASRC. Information regarding the appropriate application process is located in the Procedures section.

Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 46

Procedures for Submitting a Research Application

Research Application and Submission Checklist

Protecting Human Research Participants Training

These regulations do not relate to those activities within the classroom that are utilized for demonstration and/or educational purposes. Ethical guidelines must be followed in all demonstrations and activities, even if there is no intent to conduct research. Please review the APA guidelines for more information. Should the professor decide at a later date to utilize the aggregate data collected during such a demonstration for research purposes, it will then be necessary for the professor to obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to use of the data.

All student and faculty researchers must complete Protection of Human Participants Training through the National Institute of Health (NIH). Please refer to the Research Application and Checklist for additional information.


The Institutional Review Board for the University of Montevallo is the Human and Animal Subjects Research Committee (HASRC). It has been established in compliance with Federal Regulations and guidelines concerning research involving animal and human subjects. The purpose of the HASRC is to provide review of all research conducted by faculty, staff, and students to insure protection of both animal and human subjects and compliance with the federal regulations.


All research conducted by either faculty or students under the direction of a faculty mentor that involves human or animal subjects must receive approval from the HASRC.

When a member of the University of Montevallo faculty is involved in cooperative research (research that involves more than one institution), that faculty member is responsible for obtaining approval through the HASRC, as each institution is responsible for safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects.

Any research involving vulnerable populations (fetuses, pregnant women, individuals under the age of 18, or prisoners) requires a full-committee review.

Overview & Membership

HASRC has a relatively stable membership so that members who develop expertise in research ethics and review can continue to improve their knowledge and understanding of the complexities of conducting and reviewing studies. Membership consists of one person from the community with expertise in ethical issues and representation from each college which conducts research involving human subjects.