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Experiential Learning

Partnerships & Outreach

An initiative of the University of Montevallo Strategic Plan, the Office of Partnerships and Outreach serves to engage the community through mutually beneficial partnerships that support academic, economic, and sociocultural well-being.

The department is a division of Academic Affairs and will serve as a liaison for the University to both the surrounding communities and the state. Other department initiatives includes providing stewardship to current partners as well as strengthening collaborations and communication on campus.

UM’s Hidden Secrets

Email today to book a FREE tour of the observatory, swamp or community garden.

The James Wylie Shepherd Observatory
  • Located three miles from the main UM campus.
  • Boasts the region’s premiere, completely accessible, state-of-the-art telescope with observatory dome.
  • Includes restrooms with self-composting toilets, a solar generator, an organic garden and recycled rainwater pumped through a reverse-osmosis filter.
Ebenezer Swamp Ecological Preserve
  • Comprises 60 acres of wooded wetlands and is used for teaching and research purposes.
  • Includes a wooden boardwalk to allow visitors an enjoyable view of the numerous species of fungi, plants and animals that call the wetlands home.
  • Features recycled steel sculptures created by UM art students.
Organic Community Garden
  • Provides opportunities for UM and local community members to learn how to grow plants and nourish the earth.
  • Offers individuals plots for rent to grow vegetables and fruits for personal consumption.
  • Gives students the opportunity to volunteer in the donation garden and help local families in need.

Food Truck Thursday


In an effort to bring Montevallo community members on campus, while providing additional dining variety to UM faculty, staff and students, the Office of Partnerships and Outreach hosts Food Truck Thursdays. The Office of Partnerships and Outreach hosts a food truck on UM’s campus every Thursday from 11:00am – 1:00pm. In order to find out which food truck is visiting this week, join and follow UM’s social media pages. UM’s social media pages will update the featured food truck every Wednesday prior the truck’s arrival on Thursday. The food trucks are centrally located on the quad between Lund Hall and New Res Hall (located on College Drive).

Sign Up Opportunities

The Office of Partnerships and Outreach is currently booking food trucks for the upcoming spring semester; if you are a food truck vendor, feel free to contact the office of Partnerships and Outreach to book an available slot for the upcoming semester. We would love to host your business on our beautiful campus!

Ghost Walk

The Office of Partnerships and Outreach would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that volunteered, assisted, promoted and attended the 2016 Ghost Walk. We had between 600 – 700 attendees, double the amount we were expecting. Thank you for helping us create a night that was filled with anticipation, excitement, and thrills. We look forward to hosting Ghost Walk 2017 with even more thrills and excitement.