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Distance Education at UM

UM has such a unique and fascinating campus that it’s hard to think about taking classes without that experience. But we understand that some students prefer distance education. UM offers both online and hybrid courses to supplement the needs of students who may not be able to fit the traditional class into their schedule.

Our online courses have been recognized among the best available in higher education in the state of Alabama. Learn more about our easily-accessible undergraduate courses and our highly-regard graduate programs here.

Online class offerings are not managed through an Office of Distance Education, but by each college. In addition, all services offered to our traditional, on-campus, students are offered to our online students. Our students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and policies that apply to all of our classes and events, including online and hybrid offerings which can be found in the handbook.

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UM Student eLearning Handbook 2018-2020

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