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Department of Communication

Communication Studies

B.A./B.S. Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a core liberal art that provides training in the skills required by today’s employers. The science of interpersonal and group dynamics, effective communication in business and industry, and the art of persuasion and social influence are emphasized in Communication Studies.

In addition to completing the General Education core, the Communication Studies curriculum requires 39 credit hours. A total of 120 credit hours is required to graduate.

Scholarship Information

Communication Studies Scholarships 

Active and Competitive Scholars

What makes our Students Proud of their major?

“It (the COMS major) allows the students to grow in an environment that does not limit their voices or their minds and because of that, it provides the university and the students with a major that can never be compared to any other major.” Donnie Brown

“The wonderful thing about being a COMS major is that communication is the most important tool we have in any career field and it allows for a very broad choice of career development.” Jeff Smith

“The Communication Studies major is a close group. The students are friends and the professors really care about the students.” April Clark

“One of he most appealing aspects of the COMS department is the close knit community that has evolved among the students and professors. The willingness to invest time and effort into each other’s lives has been more than beneficial in my experience as a college student.” Natalie Harris

“I actively recruit other students to take Communication classes. The professors, the environment, and the classes offered are among the best on campus.” Jeff Walker

“The COMS department is really like a family. I’m so glad that I got to become a part of this group.” Nick Ramsland

Independent Research

Communication Studies students at the University of Montevallo (UM) are encouraged to conduct independent research projects and to present the resulting papers at academic conferences. Our undergraduates have presented at  the Southern States Communication Association’s Undergraduate Honors Conference and are regular participants in UM’s Undergraduate Research Day and the McNair Scholars Program. A few examples of our students’ research include:

Kimberly Godsey Quality of Life and Oral Health: Encouraging Community Engagement in Promoting Oral Health on a Local Level 2011 McNair Scholar
Mikia Carter The Role of Anticipatory Socialization and Communication Competency in Leadership Development 2011 McNair Scholar
Megan Traweek Factors Affecting Mathematics Performance 2010 McNair Scholar
Ashley Burge Ethnic Identification’s Effects on Academic Achievement in Women 2008 McNair Scholar
Josh Barronton The Rhetorical Significance of the Debates Between Pushmataha and Tecumseh 2007 SSCA UHC
Kristina Kuzma Framing Morality: A History of Metaphor and the Future of Progressive Language in Modern Politics 2007 SSCA UHC
Tyesha Fuller To Play or Not to Play: Factors Affecting Students’ Decisions to Participate in a University-Wide Tradition 2007 McNair Scholar
Teresa Whiting The Influence of Character and Religiousness on Argumentativeness and Verbal Aggression Among Adolescents 2007 McNair Scholar
Lindsey Sherrill ’Bitch, Get In My Car’: 50 Cent, Hip-Hop, and the Patriarchal Dividend 2006 SSCA UHC
Eva Hammock Relational Dialectics: Making Connections Within Opposition 2005 SSCA UHC
Emilee Weatherspoon Education for Health—A Fair Trade?: Corporate America’s Support of African-American Youths and the Advertising Strategies and Products they Promote 2005 SSCA UHC
Lynsey Weatherspoon Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas:  A Content Analysis of Its Messages 2005 McNair Scholar
Lindsey Sexton Opposing Rhetorics: How Two Female Country Singers Attempted to Create Community and Justice for All Women in Second Wave Feminism 2004 SSCA UHC
Linda R. Thomas Use of Metaphors in Sun-Tzu’s Art of War: A Metaphoric Criticism 2004 SSCA UHC
Susie Beth Humber Imagined Interaction & Decision-Making: The Intrapersonal Communication Processes of First-Time Mothers Returning to Work 2004 McNair Scholar

Quotes from students who have attended and presented papers at SSCA:

I think the conference experience is kind of one of the best kept secrets of college, so to speak — for all the effort so many students put into academic papers, it’s surprising how little attention the conference experience gets! I was really lucky Dr. Ford and Dr. Bell are so encouraging for the Communication students; I met a lot of really interesting people, and getting a chance to present an academic paper on a topic that was really near and dear to my heart meant a great deal to me. I learned a lot attending the SSCA conference, and I’m hoping I can attend again next year. –Kristina Kuzma

The SSCA Conference was an amazing experience! Going allowed me to meet with some of the top people in my field, and learn about the different types of research going on in the world of Communication Studies, as well as to interact with students my own age who were working on very similar projects to my own. Perhaps most importantly, I was able to meet professors I might one day be studying with in graduate school. –Josh Barronton

Communication Studies Graduates 

Where Are They Now?…

Jonathan Nelson (’93) General Manager, Birmingham Barons, Class AA affiliate of Chicago White Sox; Hoover, AL

Marion Brooks Brown (’03) Special Assistant to the President for UM Events, University of Montevallo; Montevallo, AL

April Green (’03) Teacher, Valley Intermediate School (4th grade); Pelham, AL

Jamika Kirk (’03) Alumni Affairs and Annual Fund in the College of Arts and Sciences, UAB; Birmingham, AL

Kay Butts (’04) Senior Account Manager, Marketing and Analytics; Atlanta, GA

Richard Hall (’04) Senior Area Manager, International Profit Associates; Montgomery, AL

Matt Head (’04) Banker, Alliant; Orlando, FL

Amy Brock (’05) Book Arts & Women’s Studies–M.A., University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL

Michelle Duggan (’05) Health Planner, Alabama State Health Planner and Development Agency; Montgomery, AL

Lauren Dunaway (’05) Urban Outfitters; Nashville, TN

Michael Hill (’05) Project Manager/Estimator, Grace Klein Construction Inc.; Montevallo, AL

Ansley Kniskern (’05) Graduate Student (ESL), UAB; Birmingham, AL

Kathy Ruttka Posey (’05) Practice Manager, TekLinks; Birmingham, AL

Jamie Roy Ray (’05) Compass Bank; Birmingham, AL

Natalie Stoppelbein (’05) Major Accounts Manager, United Healthcare; Birmingham, AL

Lynsey Weatherspoon (’05) Entrepreneur, Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography; M.A. Communication Management, UAB; Birmingham, AL

Lindsay Sexton (’05) Human Resources, Cardinal Logistics; Concord, NC

Rick Crumpton (‘06) Salesman, Alabama Discount Golf; Tuscaloosa, AL

Beth Belcher Pennington (’06) Human Resources Coordinator, The Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center; Birmingham, AL

Ben Watson (’06) Territory Manager, Gulf Eagle Supply; Montgomery, AL

Christy Hutto (’07) Operations Specialist, Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation; Birmingham, AL

Cathy Sherbet (’08) Event Coordinator, Occasions Catering by Wynfrey; Birmingham, AL

Haley Pyron (’08) Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta; Atlanta, GA

Meghan Dobson (’08) Outreach Coordinator, SenioRx of Jefferson County; Birmingham, AL

Nathan Landmon (’09) Surgical Sales Representative, Aesculap; Birmingham, AL

Jessica Montana (’09) Event Coordinator, Alabama Theatre; Birmingham, AL

Natalie Harris (’09) Teacher, Evangel Classical Christian School, Birmingham, AL

Nick Ramsland (’09) Production Assistant, Warner Brothers; Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Walker (’10) PhD Candidate, Communication and Information Science, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Phillip Green (’11) Admissions Counselor, University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL