Department of Art

Art Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Department of Art provides students with hands-on intellectually informed instruction in visual arts media within a liberal arts university.  We create opportunities for the community that nurtures an understanding of the fine arts and promote inclusion and value the perspectives of all.  Through supportive and rigorous training, we challenge our students to bring their creative visions to life.

 Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will solve visual problems at a competent level using the elements of art and principles of design.
    This knowledge is introduced in our Foundations Program of 5 classes taken during the freshman year. It is reinforced through the 200-level introductory courses in the sophomore year in discipline-specific methods. Their skill level is assessed during the Art 320: Professional Practices course for which they produce a portfolio of artwork for evaluation. During their junior year, students develop further skills in advanced-level study, and these are demonstrated during their senior exhibition.
  2. Students will utilize critical thinking skills to communicate ideas about their work in visual, oral, and written formats.
    These skills are learned and practiced throughout our curriculum at all levels. They are assessed in Art 320’s Professional Practice Reviews which include a portfolio of artwork and an oral presentation of that work as well as a written statement. They are then assessed a second time during Art 420: Senior Exhibition when they produce both a written statement and artwork for the exhibition.
  3. Students will develop competent knowledge and skills in various art media, concepts, and methods.
    UM, a requirement that all students must maintain a “C” average in their major assures that all art students produce competent work. If these requirements are not met the students will be notified and addressed.
  4. Students will become familiar with the methods and approaches of art history.
    All art majors will take a minimum of 3 Art History courses. Students in the BA/BS degree will take the foundation level, the introductory level, and one advanced level. Students in the BFA degree will take a minimum of 5 Art History courses, including foundations, introductory, modern art, and two additional advanced electives.
  5. Students will demonstrate an ability to critically assess works of art regarding form, content, and technical concerns.
    In all art classes, this skill is introduced in freshman foundations courses, developed in introductory courses, and demonstrated in 300/400 level courses.
  6. Students will develop the skills, knowledge, and experience to pursue art professionally.
    In Art 320 students research careers in art, write resumes, cover letters, practice interview skills, and create artifacts necessary to pursue art professionally.