Department of Art

Advising Information for Art Majors

Each student is assigned an academic advisor who can help make decisions about which classes to take each semester, discuss career plans, and find campus resources. You will need to meet with your advisor prior to registration for course advice and clearance to register. Check with your advisor to see how to get signed up for a meeting time, as everyone has their own system. This page contains all the information you need to find your advisor, know when to register, and view the suggested course of study for your program.

Advising Calendar

You can talk to your advisor anytime during the year. To register for classes you will need to meet with your advisor before registration begins to be cleared to register for classes for the next semester.

Fall Schedule goes live on
Fall advising begins Oct 31


Fall 2022- Registration begins at 7 am.

Oct. 31 GRADUATE Students (currently Enrolled)
Nov. 2 Currently enrolled SENIORS and the following priority groups: Honors Program participating & students registered with Disability Support Services or Student Support Services
Nov. 4 Currently enrolled JUNIORS and above and athletes
Nov. 6 Currently enrolled SOPHOMORES and above
Nov. 8 Currently enrolled FRESHMEN and above

Degree Check Sheets

BA/BS Degree Check-sheet 2022-2023BFA Degree Check-sheet 2022-2023

BS Suggested Course of StudyBA Suggested Course of StudyBFA Suggested Course of Study

Find your Advisor in Banner Self Services

  1. Log into Banner Self Services
  2. Select Term  Fall Semester 2022 (Be sure it is set to this term)
  3. Click on the Student tab at the top of the page
  4. Select Student Records
  5. Then select View Student Information – Here you can see your, degree, Advisor, excepted graduation date, class, and more.
  6. To VIEW HOLDS, go back one step and check your account.

Student Program Change FormRegistrar – Student Program Change for


Below are just a few minors throughout the college that are popular with art majors. 

Minors in Mass Communication DepartmentMinor in the College of BusinessMinor in Game StudiesMinor is Psychology

Graduation Application


Faculty Advisor and Contact information

Faculty Name Email Address Phone Number General Office Hours
Joe Bennett 205.665.6397 Tuesday. & Thursday  10:35-11:00, 1:35-2:00, 4:35-5:00
And by appointment.
Misty Bennett 205.665.6394 MWF 1-4 pm, TR 9:30-10:30 am
Ryan Foster 205.665.6386 Mon/Wed 2:00-5:00/ By Apt.
Min Sun Lee 205.665.6381 Appointments Only (Online)
Scott Meyer 205.665.6395 MF 2 –
Lee Somers 205.665.6407 MWF 10:00-11:40am and by appointment
Kelly Wacker 205.665.6408 MF 2-4:30; T 11-2; additional hours by appointment
in person or Zoom by request
Catherine Walsh 205.665.6430 Wed. 12-3 & by appointment, all office hours via Zoom
Michael Willett 205.665.6409 TR: 10:30-11am, 1:30-2pm, or MWF by apt.
Collin Williams 205.665.6402 MWF 11am – noon. You can also request a
different time if these time do not work with your
Tanner Young 205.665.6404 Available to meet in-person or via Zoom. Appointment preferred.
T/R   9-11, W  1- 2, and F  10-3