BS/MEd Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CP)

Nutrition & Wellness Coordinated Program Alumni

Where Are They Now?

Picture of Victoria Marriott

Victoria Marriott MS, RD CAVHCS
Clinical Dietitian

“The Coordinated Dietetics program at Montevallo prepared me for the field in the best possible way.  My course work provided plenty of opportunities develop skill in motivational interviewing, nutrition education of all formats, and utilizing the nutrition care process as a whole. Since graduation I have been able to apply my unconventional wisdom from Montevallo to meet my patients needs.” Victoria Marriott, MS, RD, LD

Christian Schouest, RDN, LDN

Christian Schouest, RDN, LDN             University Medical Center New Orleans

“The Nutrition and Wellness faculty prepared me to be competitive in my field through mentorship integrated education. I was encouraged to explore my leadership qualities as I built a strong educational foundation provided by the teachings of experts in the field of dietetics, which has led me to a successful career as a Clinical Dietitian at University Medical Center New Orleans- an academic research hospital and the region’s premier level 1 trauma center.”
Christian Schouest, RDN, LDN

Keyanna Kinloch, RDN

Keyanna Kinloch, RDN Senior Nutritionist Alabama Department of Senior Services

“The University of Montevallo’s Coordinated program in Dietetics has helped me not only make connections in the nutrition world, but also helped me to think creatively when problems arise in my profession. The professors always ensured that we received internships and projects that stressed the importance of being able to successfully analyze and apply new information into real life situations.” Keyanna Kinloch, RDN

Hailey Vance, RDN

Hailey Vance, RDN
Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc.

“UM’s Coordinated Program is truly a wonderful program with excellent internship opportunities. The program holds a great reputation locally, and I have met multiple people in California who recognize the program. I was even able to continue competing with the campus swim team while completing the program.” Hailey Vance, RDN