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Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD)

Mission, Goals and Objectives of the CPD

Mission of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at the University of Montevallo

The mission of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics is four-fold:

  • To prepare candidates for success in the Supervised Practice component of the program in order to successfully pass the Registered Dietitian exam;
  • To prepare graduates who possess the competencies necessary for gainful employment as entry-level dietetics practitioners;
  • To prepare graduates who possess the academic preparation to address the interdependence of human nutrition/dietetics/food with the well-being and health-related behaviors of individuals and families; and,
  • To prepare graduates who have a general foundation in clinical nutrition and dietetics.

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics’ educational emphasis is medical nutrition therapy, especially as it relates to nutrition and chronic diseases, which affect a disproportionate segment of Alabama’s residents, and particularly those who live in the community. This mission is addressed within┬áthe Exercise and Nutrition Sciences┬áProgram and as a liberal arts university.

Goals and Objectives for the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at the University of Montevallo

Goal 1: The program will attract quality students and prepare graduates who have academic preparation necessary to be successful in passing the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist exam and to be competent entry-level professionals.

Objective 1: Over a five-year period, the pass rate for CP graduates taking the exam for the first time will be at least 80%.
Objective 2: At least 80% of graduates will be employed in the dietetics field within twelve months of graduation.
Objective 3: 80% of graduates will complete the program within six years or 150% of time expected for completion.

Goal 2: The program will provide a high quality, academically strong, accredited program in dietetics framed within a liberal arts environment.

Objective 1: At least 80% of employers will report a satisfactory rating on knowledge, skills, and disposition of program graduates.
Objective 2: At least 80% of alumni will indicate positively that their program of study prepared them adequately for an entry level position.
Objective 3: At least 80% of graduates will indicate on alumni surveys administered at the conclusion of internships that their academic experience provided them with at least:
a. An adequate or above quality general education background;
b. Adequate or above skills to work effectively in groups;
c. Adequate or above preparation for life;
d. Adequate or above appreciation of other cultures.

Outcome Data measuring the achievement of program objectives is available upon request. Please contact Ms. Patricia Petitt for more information at (205) 665-6390 or