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Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD)

Faculty for the Coordinated Program in Dietetics

Patricia Petitt, MS, RD, LD
Clinical Instructor

Ms. Petitt is the Director of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at UM. She brings 25 years of experience in the area of clinical nutrition with a specific interest in childhood obesity. In addition, her graduate work is in the area of nutrition science and health education.
Ms Petitt’s CV

Courses Ms. Petitt teaches:
FCS 170 – Introduction to Food Science and Preparation
FCS 281 – Introduction to Nutrition
EXNS 373 – Seminar in Dietetics
EXNS 469 – Clinical Nutrition I Supervised Practice
EXNS 470 – Clinical Nutrition II Supervised Practice
EXNS 483 – Nutrition Care Process I
EXNS 484 – Nutrition Care Process II

Kelley DeVane-Hart, PhD, RDN, LD
Assistant Professor

Dr. DeVane Hart, a UM alum, recently completed her doctorate in Health Education/Health Promotion. She has experience with school-based health promotion programs and pediatric nutrition.
Dr. Devane-Hart’s CV

Courses Dr. Devane-Hart teaches:
FCS 170 – Introduction to Food Science and Preparation
FCS 281 – Introduction to Nutrition
EXNS 310 – Sports Nutrition
FCS 471 – Applied Research in Food Science
EXNS 467 – Foodservice Management I Supervised Practice
EXNS 468 – Foodservice Management II Supervised Practice

Rebecca Bryant, MEd, ACF
Adjunct Instructor

Ms. Bryant served as Child Nutrition Programs Supervisor at the Jefferson County Board of Education for ten years. In addition to her expertise in foodservice management, Ms. Bryant was a culinary instructor for five years and worked at Southern Living and Cooking Light magazine test kitchens as well.
Ms. Bryant’s CV

Courses Ms. Bryant teaches:
FCS 477 – Quantity Foods
EXNS 382 – Foodservice Systems Management

Ali Elliott, MS, RD, LD
Adjunct Instructor

Ms. Elliott provides assistance to the Program Director and works closely with Supervised Practice. She has eight years clinical experience at Children’s Hospital of Alabama and currently owns Thrive Pediatric Nutrition, Inc. which is a private nutrition and lactation consulting service. Ms. Elliott has also worked as a Medical Sales Delegate for Nestle Maternal and Infant Health Division.
Ms. Elliott’s CV

Courses Ms. Elliott teaches:
EXNS 465 – Community Nutrition I Supervised Practice
EXNS 466 – Community Nutrition II Supervised Practice

Rachel J. H. Mathisen, ScD, MPH
Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Mathisen teaches nutrition and metabolism courses. Dr. Mathisen’s extensive academic preparation in the sciences through her Doctorate in Nutrition is indispensable to the Coordinated Program. Dr. Mathisen also holds an MPH and has a broad-base of experience in maternal and child health through her work on public health grants in academic settings and in clinical settings (prior to licensure laws). At one time, she was a full-time faculty member at the University of Montevallo. Furthermore, Dr. Mathisen taught nutrition to medical students early in her career and directed a nutrition department. Dr. Mathisen provides expertise in pediatric nutrition.
Dr. Mathisen’s CV

Courses Dr. Mathesin teaches:
EXNS 467 – Foodservice Management I
EXNS 473 – Human Nutrition and Metabolism I
EXNS 474 – Human Nutrition and Metabolism II