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Thrive Together Shelby County

What We Do

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Key Areas of Assistance

  • High quality childcare and early childhood education
  • Financial stability
  • Developing a social support network
  • Post-Secondary education and employment pathways
  • Health and wellness
  • Transportation

Prosperity Pathway

We strive to bring each family stability and security and because each family is unique, mothers will work with a Prosperity Coach to develop a Family Prosperity Pathway – a set of solutions and goals specifically tailored to each family’s personal challenges. Our coaches will work with you every step of the way to set goals, find resources, and overcome any barriers. 

Pathway A: Service Interconnectivity:

In this stage, the families will typically have a range of needs they will focus on meeting. They will work with their coach to determine their priorities and set goals. The coach will then ensure they mothers have full access and knowledge of the resource needed to assist them in meeting those goals. The coach will assist the families with any barriers that have prevented them from succeeding in the past, such as childcare, transportation, etc.

Pathway B: Education and Career Preparation:

Tier I: Families will participate in 5-8 week program of soft skills training classes. Classes include topics such as computer skills, parenting, self care, goal setting, etc. 

Tier II: Families will participate in Jefferson State Community College Fast Track to Employment program where they will take specific classes in the career program that they choose. These programs range from Administrative Medical Assistant Prep, to Paralegal, to Pharmacy Technician.

Transition & Follow Up:

Families who complete their pathway plan are eligible to receive transitional support from a transition coach. The transition coach will help the families stay their course and navigate any future problems. 

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