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Teacher Education Services

Teacher Education Program

Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The central theme of the Teacher Education Program at the University of Montevallo is Educator as a Developing Professional. The idea is that we are never finished products. As professionals, we are continually growing along a continuum from novice to expert. Through our degree programs, we gain knowledge, skills, and dispositions that lead to greater expertise. The true professional will always seek opportunities for growth.

TEP Requirements

The mission of the College of Education and Human Development is to prepare highly skilled, knowledgeable, and continually developing undergraduate and graduate candidates capable of sound, informed decision making during their careers in the fields of P-12 education, leadership, and counseling.

Undergraduate and Graduate TEP Requirements

TEP Admission

Admission to the University of Montevallo does not qualify an individual for admission to the Teacher Education Program. In order to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program, candidates must first apply and meet specific requirements.

Undergraduate students normally apply to TEP during the first semester of their education courses.
TEP applications for undergraduate students are available at the link below and also in Wills 207.

Graduate students are not required to complete a TEP application; however, TEP requirements must be met in order to be admitted unconditionally. Students applying to Graduate Studies should contact

Undergraduate TEP Admission

TEP Application for Undergraduate Students

Interview Application: Candidates must fill out an interview card in Wills 207


TEP Interview Dates:

August 13, 2020 – TBD

Candidates will be notified by email regarding their interview time.

Additional TEP information

Introduction to TEP (Elementary)

Introduction to TEP (Secondary/P-12)

Introduction to TEP (EDHH)

TEP Handbook