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Teacher Education Services


Our knowledgeable and friendly staff handles all matters related to state certification. In addition, staff members monitor admission, retention, and completion requirements for all programs that lead to state licensure. They work with faculty in developing new programs, updating current programs, and preparing current programs for accreditation reviews. The staff includes the Director and liaison to the State Department, a Clinical and Field Placement Coordinator, a Clinical and Field Placement data specialist, a Coordinator for Assessment and Accreditation, and a Program Assistant.

Teacher Education Services

Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Rayl, Director
Teacher Education Services and Certification Officer

Mrs. Connie Wyatt, Program Assistant
Teacher Education Services

Field and Clinical Experiences

Dr. Jody Brewer
Coordinator of Field and Clinical Experiences

Assessment and Accreditation

Dr. Glee Whitsett
Coordinator of Assessment and Accreditation