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Teacher Education Services



All teacher education students, graduating or completing a certification program, should apply for certification with the office of Teacher Education Services.

All applications for certification must be processed through the TES office as the university serves as the recommending institution.

Application Information:
Certification Application Instructions
Certification Application Instructions (CACREP)  

Certification application form on ALSDE website (click here) 

Supplement CIT:
The ALSDE requires citizenship documentation for all teacher certification applicants.
Please attach all required documentation. Click here to find the Supplement CIT form.
Certification Payment Information:

You may pay online at or submit a money order or cashiers check payable to the ALSDE (Alabama State Dept of Education) for $30 for each certification. Please note: Elementary/Collab will be $60. On the money order or cashier’s check, include your address, social security number, and your signature.
Verification of Recommendation for Certification Forms will be released to students after certification requirements are verified, and certification is recommended by the TES office to ALSDE.

University of Montevallo
Teacher Education Services
75 College Drive, Station #6352
Montevallo, AL 35115

Important Points to Remember:

  • Completed certification applications should be submitted to the Teacher Education Services office in Wills Hall 207 in person or via mail. Scanned images will not be accepted. Original signatures are required.
  • Submitting applications via mail close to the deadline may cause a delay in processing.
  • TES will begin processing applications after graduation and usually have them processed and sent to the ALSDE within two weeks after graduation. After Verification of Recommendation for Certification forms have been mailed, candidates should check their certification status with the Alabama State Department of Education at:

Alternative Certification Information:

Alternative Routes to Certification