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In-Service Center

Regional Planning Teams

Regional Planning Teams were implemented approximately 3 years ago to plan with LEAs for two purposes: 1) To facilitate the transition to the CCRS; 2) To provide precise and differentiated support based on district and school needs, as determined by data analysis and joint planning. Additionally, we have been tasked with ensuring that districts with the greatest need, as evidenced by data, receive priority for the provision of support.

We are now implementing additional structures to help the regional team determine progress and evaluate the impact of support provided to schools/districts in our region. One such structure is a Request for Support Services form (see link below) that should be used to submit your requests. All requests for support and services will be reviewed by the Regional Team to determine what resources are available to fulfill the requests. Supporting data/rationale, district/school capacity, and sustainability will be considered in developing a plan with the district/school.

The Regional Team is excited to formalize the process for determining and mobilizing support. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the team members with any questions that you might have.

Request Services

Regional Partnership Components
and Team Leaders:

Emily FreelandRegional Support Coordinator

Dwight Jinright, In-Service Center Director

Cissi Bernhard, AMSTI Director

Denise Perkins, ARI