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Science In Motion

ASIM Chemistry

Amy Murphy, Chemistry Specialist

B.S. in Chemistry–Samford University,
M.A.Ed. in Science Education–University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Ed.S. in Science Education–University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Education-The University of Alabama
National Board Certification

The University of Montevallo ASIM Chemistry program is coordinated by Chemistry Specialist Amy Murphy. The program provides in-depth professional development, a highly qualified specialist, and high-tech, state-of-the-art lab equipment for teaching Chemistry through inquiry. When equipment is brought into a laboratory by this program, an entire class set is provided so that all students can participate in lab activities simultaneously. Equipment available to teachers and students through this program includes:

  • Digital spectrophotometers
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR)
  • Electronic, digital analytical and toploader balances
  • pH meters
  • Nuclear Scalars
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Gas chromatographs
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
  • Materials for paper, thin layer, and column chromatography
  • Microscale kits
  • HACH Water Analysis Kits
  • Calculator Based Lab units (CBLs)
  • Laptop computers with interfaces and probe ware
  • Micropipets

Over 100 laboratory activities utilizing this equipment can be delivered to your school ready to use.  All materials and solutions, etc., are prepared for you.  Some of the more popular lab activities provided are: SpecsIntroductory lab using chalk and crepe paper

  • Analysis of acetylsalicylic acid in common brands of aspirin
  • Analysis of the UV absorbance of various brands of suntan lotions
  • Equilibrium experiments
  • Kinetics experiments
  • Nuclear Scalars
  • Introduction to Radiation (analysis of a, b, g radiation)
  • Half-life of Barium-137 pH meters Acid/Base Titrations
  • Determination of Ka of Weak Acids
  • GCs Separation of Alcohols
  • Determination of the % Alcohol in Mouthwash
  • CBLs Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions
  • Gas Law Experiments
  • Electrochemistry experiments
  • Computers Evaporation Rate and Intermolecular Forces
  • Strong and Weak Acid/Base Titrations
  • FTIR Identification of Unknowns (solids and liquids)
  • Determination of Caffeine in NoDoz tablets
  • HPLCDetermination of Caffeine in soft drinks
  • Microscale Kits Simple and Fractional Distillations
  • Synthesis of Aspirin
  • Balances Accuracy and Precision
  • Microdensity
  • Indirect Measurement
  • Mel-temp Determination of melting points
  • Identification of Unknown Substances
  • Verification of a Chemical Reaction

For a more extensive list of available laboratory activities and equipment as well as access to the Chemistry Specialist’s contact information and calendar, please CLICK HERE to visit the state web page for the ASIM-UM site.