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Specialist's Programs

Specialist’s Programs in Education are designed to prepare certified teachers and administrators to be transformative leaders in school-based and systems-based positions.

AA Certification

Instructional Leadership

The Instructional Leadership program is based on the concept of the teacher/administrator as a developing professional and is designed to prepare transformative leaders committed to educational quality and equity.  The program has been approved by the State Board of Education and is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to improve their professional practice and better develop their capacity to lead.  The program prepared students for school-based and systems-based leadership positions in both public and private school systems, as well as other educational organizations.

Instructional Leadership, Ed.S. Admissions Requirements

Instructional Leadership, Ed.S. Admission Portfolio Requirements

Program Overview Sheet

Teacher Leadership

The Teacher Leadership program is exclusively for certified teachers who are seeking advanced certification (Class AA) and an educational specialist degree.  The program is open to teachers in grades P-12 and all subject areas.  It is an innovative program designed to equip and empower teachers to assume more active roles in school improvement and effective collaboration.  The focus is on the development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions to enable Teacher Leaders to facilitate efforts to improve schools and positively impact student achievement through curriculum and instruction, assessment, school culture, and educational equity.

Teacher Leadership Admissions Requirements

Teacher Leadership Admission Portfolio Requirements

Program Overview Sheet


Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology program is for those in education-related fields who wish to learn more about the integration of instructional technology to enhance leadership, teaching, and training in their field.  The degree program is open to professionals in any education-related field with an aptitude for technology use and integration.  It is an innovative program that is available to professionals from P-16 educational environments as well as those in business training fields.  The program is designed to help candidates learn more about leadership, training, and the integration of technology to aide in reaching the instructional goals of their respective organizations through the infusion of technology and technology-enhanced instruction/training.  This is a non-cert program.

Instructional Technology Admissions Requirements

Instructional Technology Admission Portfolio Requirements

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Program Overview Sheet

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