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Graduate Degree Programs

Secondary Education

Middle school and high school are formative years for adolescents as they grow more independent and begin determining their own life trajectories, recognizing the importance of academic success, participating in extra-curricular activities, and preparing for the next steps of their lives. Teaching at this level requires conscientious individuals who are committed to making this journey as memorable as possible. At UM, our Secondary Education teacher candidates learn to pinpoint and emphasize the strengths of their students, understand instructional methods to shape students’ academic potential, and determine best approaches to provide challenging yet accommodating learning environments.

Teaching Fields

    • Art (P-12)
    • Biology
    • Business/Marketing
    • Chemistry
    • Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Foreign Languages (Spanish)
    • General Science
    • Mathematics
    • English Language Arts
    • History
    • Social Science

The “Alternative Masters of Education” degree allows graduate students to earn an advanced degree while also fulfilling the requirements for initial teacher certification to teach grades 6-12. Art majors in this program will be certified to teach preschool through twelfth grade.

For practicing middle and high school classroom teachers, the “Traditional Masters Degree Program in Secondary Education” is an effective direction to deepen one’s knowledge and learn the advanced skills that define a “master teacher.”