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Graduate Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Graduate Admissions counselors are available to assist you with the application process. But if you need a quick answer to some of our most frequently asked questions, or you’re just looking for more information, there are plenty of resources at your disposal.

What are the deadlines for admission?

Graduate program priority deadlines, unless otherwise noted, are:

Fall: July 15
Spring: November 15
Summer: April 15
Counseling (Fall and Spring cohort):

There is no application deadline for admission into the graduate program in Counseling. Departmental review of all completed applications will begin the first week of the Spring semester for the Fall cohort (which begins in late August) and the first week of Fall semester for the Spring cohort (which begins in early January). Applications for a particular cohort will be accepted until that cohort is filled. Students are encouraged to apply early to be considered for admission.

What is a “priority” deadline?

Applicants may submit materials after the deadline with the understanding that submitting materials after the priority deadline does not guarantee consideration for admission for the following term.

Are there campus visits for potential graduate students?

Yes. Email to schedule a campus visit.

What are the required test scores for admission?

Counseling, Traditional, and Instructional Leadership applicants only:
GRE 290
MAT 388

Alternative Masters applicants:
Praxis Core

Where can I take the MAT, GRE, or Praxis?

The MAT is given at the University of Montevallo campus each semester through the Counseling Degree Program Office. Please contact Mrs. Cindy Gill at (205) 665-6380 for more information.
To register for the GRE, click here.
To register for the Praxis Core, click here.

How is the GRE scored?

The verbal and the quantitative portions of the test are added together to arrive at a final score, while the analytical portion is not included in the factoring.

How long are GRE and MAT test scores valid?

Test scores are good for five years after a prospective student takes them. Beyond that time, a student must retake the test and have the score submitted to our office to be considered for admission.

How much graduate coursework can I transfer to UM?

A maximum of six (6) semester hours (10 quarter hours) of graduate work, approved by UM, may be transferred from a regionally accredited institution. Such credit must have been earned within six years prior to the granting of the degree.

No course may be transferred with a grade lower than B, and no course may be transferred with a grade of pass/fail. Course equivalency is determined by the department chair. Transfer credit practices are consistent with American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

Should I submit my application first?

We recommend that you submit an application to our office before submitting transcripts and other admission items because this allows us to anticipate the arrival of these items. This is especially true for students who may have alternate or maiden names on their transcripts.

Please note that if you indicate us as one of the colleges to which you wish to send your MAT/GRE test score results prior to applying, they will be applied to your file upon application.

Can I apply before completing my undergraduate degree?

Applicants who fall into this category must submit a final transcript with a degree posted before the end of the first semester of graduate coursework. Students may not take additional coursework without a final transcript on file in the College of Education.

What is the graduate course load?

Regular term: Full-time=nine (9) or more graduate hours / Part-time=fewer than nine (9) graduate hours

Summer term: Full-time=nine (9) or more graduate hours spanning from May to the summer terms / Part-time=five (5) graduate hours or less spanning from May to the summer terms.

What is the required GPA for retention and graduation once I have been admitted to a graduate program?

With the exception of the Instructional Leadership M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs, a 3.0 GPA is required. The IL M.Ed. and both Ed.S. programs require a 3.25 GPA. A graduate student whose GPA falls below the required 3.0 or 3.25 will be placed on academic warning and will have one term of enrollment in which to raise the GPA.

How long does my file stay active once I have been admitted into a program?

Students who are admitted to graduate study, either conditionally or unconditionally, and who do not enroll within two years will be required to reapply should they later decide to enroll.

Other important information regarding Alternative Master’s programs:

  1. Candidates who hold a degree with less than the required 2.5 GPA will not be allowed to take coursework to improve that GPA. The Alabama State Department of Education will only accept the GPA that was used as the basis for granting the earned degree.
  2. If a graduate degree was used as the basis for admission to the Alt A program, no graduate credit from that degree may be applied to the Alt A program for certification purposes. However, if an undergraduate degree was used as the basis for admission to the Alt A program, then master’s level coursework previously taken will be reviewed and may be applied to an Alt A teacher education program if approved by the College of Education.
  3. Although UM does offer some online courses, there is a significant portion of this degree that requires student presence on campus.