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Exercise Science, M.S.

The Masters of Science in Exercise Science program at the University of Montevallo provides advanced academic training in exercise science with a special emphasis on nutrition and strength and conditioning. Our highly qualified faculty, premier laboratory equipment, small class size, and opportunities for applied practice offer students an exceptional graduate experience. Students who complete their degree are prepared for careers of distinction in the many fields of exercise science and strength and conditioning.

Exercise Science Program Overview

CEHD Graduate Program FAQ

Candidates with less than the recommended GPA or test score may be admitted based upon a sliding scale which specifies particular grade point averages and corresponding admission requirements.*Prerequisite course work may be required of candidates that have not completed any exercise science courses. Contact Exercise and Nutrition Science Graduate Program Director Stacy Bishop by e-mail at for complete.

Note: The admissions process is competitive and applicants that meet the requirements described above are not guaranteed admission. Prerequisite undergraduate course work may be required. Contact Exercise and Nutrition Science Graduate Program Director Stacy Bishop by e-mail for complete information.

Program Completion Requirements

  • Graduate credit for at least 32 semester hours
  • Credit for at least 29 of the total semester hours required for degree completion must be earned at the University of Montevallo unless approved by the Dean
  • Cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.0 on all courses attempted, including transfer courses
  • Completion of the required capstone assessments

Students will be able to choose between an internship experience coupled with comprehensive exams or a thesis to complete their graduate work. The thesis will require 6 credit hours of study, while the internship will carry a 3 hour credit. It is our intention to assign 90 contact hours to the internship experience (30 contact hours per credit hour) at a program-approved internship location.

Course Overview

Course Number and Title Number of Credit Hours
EXNS 508 Research Methods in Exercise Science 3
EXNS 510 Advanced Sports Nutrition 3
EXNS 580 Advanced Exercise Physiology 4
EXNS 581 Applied Muscle Function and Biomechanics 3
EXNS 586 Current Issues and Trends in Exercise Science 3
EXNS 588 Environmental Exercise Physiology 3
EXNS 591 Thesis 6
EXNS 595 Internship/Comprehensive Exams 3
EXNS 596 Advanced Strength and Conditioning 3
EXNS 598 Statistical Measurement in Exercise Science 3
EXNS 599 Advanced Exercise Assessment and Prescription 4

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