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Graduate Programs

COE Graduate Scholarships

Once you’ve received a bachelor’s degree and you’ve made the decision to continue your studies, it’s even more important to know how you’ll fund your education.

Contrary to popular belief, there are several options for graduate student financial aid. Whether you’re looking for a graduate assistantship to help ease the weight of tuition or you’re considering taking out student loans, you’ll find the answers to your questions right here.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants at the University of Montevallo are students first and employees second. They have as their primary focus advanced study and ultimately the completion of a graduate degree. Therefore, the services they provide as graduate assistants should complement professional development in their chosen fields of study.

Graduate assistants are employed on a semester basis and may be continued for no longer than three calendar years. They must maintain the cumulative 3.0 grade point average required of all graduate students and must perform satisfactorily in the judgment of the employing department and supervisor.

Graduate assistants not completing practicum or internship requirements may not be permitted to work beyond an average of twenty (20) hours per week.

Complete information on Graduate Assistantships is available in the Financial Information and Services chapter of the Graduate Bulletin.


Several scholarships are available to graduate students. Visit the Scholarships link at right for more information.

Student Loans

Visit the Student Financial Services page for information about student loans.

Graduate Student Research/Conference Funding

Funding is set aside each year for graduate students to conduct research or present work at academic conferences. Requests for awards should be approved by your faculty advisor, endorsed by the department chair, and delivered to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Records. The application should include a proposed projected budget of expenses, information about department cost sharing, and specific travel details (if travel is involved).

Graduate Research and Conference Funding Form

Graduate Cost of Attendance

Click here for Graduate Cost of Attendance