Undergraduate Programs

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics program at the University of Montevallo focuses on the extraction of information from data to aid in critical decision making. The rapid advances in data collection and storage have led to the demand for professionals capable of deriving insights from large data sets across all areas of society including business, medicine, science and government. A degree in Data Analytics equips students to fill this demand that falls outside of typical information technology programs.

In addition to data analytic skills, the program provides students with strong computer programming skills, the ability to interact with traditional and emerging data storage systems, information assurance techniques, and the communication skills necessary to support decision making. We equip students with a strong liberal arts background in addition to the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in a growing industry.

Graduates of our data analytics program will gain the:

  • ability to design and implement systems necessary to store and access repositories of information
  • knowledge of design techniques to ensure cyber security and data integrity
  • foundation to program in any modern programming language
  • fundamental concepts of data mining
  • skills needed to lead organizations through decision making by utilizing large data sets


  • INFM 171 Social Informatics
  • INFM 241 Introduction to Informatics and Computing
  • INFM 242 Logical Foundations for Informatics
  • INFM 245 Computer Programming I
  • INFM 246 Computer Programming II
  • INFM 347 Human Computer Interaction
  • INFM 348 Information Representation
  • INFM 349 Informatics Project Management
  • INFM 350 Database and Applications Security
  • INFM 370 Data Structures and Algorithms I
  • INFM 371 Data Structures and Algorithms II
  • INFM 450 Data Analysis & Mining I
  • INFM 451 Data Analysis & Mining II
  • INFM 455 Information Infrastructure I
  • INFM 456 Information Infrastructure II
  • INFM 460 Special Topics in Informatics
  • INFM 476 Applied Research in Informatics
  • INFM 409 Internship in Informatics I
  • INFM 410 Internship in Informatics II