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A minor in Accounting consists of 18 total credit hours of accounting coursework, comprised of AC 221 and AC 222 and 12 credit hours of upper-division accounting courses.


A minor in Business consists of 18 hours or required business courses, including: AC 221, EC 232, FI 372, MG 361, MK 351, QM 235.


A minor in Economics consists of 18 hours including EC 231, EC 232, EC 307, EC 401, and six hours from EC 460, QM 235, MK 351 or FI 372.

Management Information Systems

A minor in Management Information Systems (MIS) consists of 18 total credit hours of MIS coursework, comprised of MIS 161 and MIS 367 and 12 credit hour of MIS and/or FI 421 courses.

Nonprofit Studies

A minor in Nonprofit Studies consists of 18 hours of coursework, including NPS/MG 371, GB 250 or FI 372, NPS/MG 420 plus six hours drawn from NPS 409, by the Nonprofit Studies program adviser. At least one course in the minor must be designated as a service-learning course.