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The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers five distinct minors.


Adding a minor in English to a degree allows students to increase the level of critical thinking skills they will already be practicing in their other major classes. It shows a dedication to analysis and analytic writing that not only is beneficial for their coursework across the university, but also demonstrates skills that are invaluable in a variety of careers. Students looking to enter in the fields of business, law, or other areas that value analysis, persuasive writing, and the ability to generate creative and compelling ideas from writing and spoken material will find the English major an excellent option.

A minor in English requires the completion of 18 hours in English courses numbers 300 or above.

Creative Writing

Either as an integrated part of the traditional English major, or as a stand-alone concentration with any other field of study, the Minor in Creative Writing offers students a sustained basis for cultivating their writing as an art form. Through a balanced mix of workshops and seminars, students in the minor will explore the theory and practice of creative writing in order to foster imagination in all their written efforts. Creative writing students often have the chance to participate as contributors and editors of UM’s creative arts journal, The Tower, and to attend readings and discussions from local and nationally-known writers.

15 Credit Hours Required, Including:

ENG 261 – Introduction to Creative Writing (3 hrs.)
ENG 361 – Intermediate Creative Writing (3 hrs.)
ENG 461 – Advanced Creative Writing (3 hrs.)

Choose two of the following:

ENG 361 – Intermediate Creative Writing (3 hrs. – second genre)
ENG 365 – Creative Writing: Forms (3 hrs.)
ENG 465 – The Writing Process (3 hrs.)


A minor in French requires completion of 12 hours of French courses numbered 300 or above.

Latin American Studies Minor

18 hours of coursework are required for the Latin American Studies minor. Of the required 18 hours, at least 6 hours must be taken in the Behavioral and Social Sciences program AND at least 6 hours in the Foreign Language program.

Philosophy and Religion

A minor in Philosophy & Religion requires 18 credit hours in any combination of the two disciplines. Students choosing this minor are encouraged to take PHIL 110 – Introduction to Philosophy or PHIL 220 – Ethics (each of which satisfies the Humanities and Fine Arts component of the General Education curriculum) before enrolling for other courses.


A minor in Spanish requires completion of 12 hours of Spanish courses numbered 300 or above.