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Department of English & Foreign Languages

Harbert Writing Center

The Harbert Writing Center (HWC) offers free consultation services to students at all stages of the writing process. Our HWC writing consultants assist students with writing projects across the curriculum. “Walk-ins” are welcome to visit the Center in Comer Hall Room 311 during posted hours.

If you’d like to make an appointment, you can visit to access our online scheduling system.  Create a login, and you are ready to go.

What to expect: We will say hello and sign you in. Then, a trained consultant will ask questions about your assignment, discuss the status of your assignment, your writing style, as well as other visits you’ve had with the HWC. Generally, consultants will focus first on purpose, audience, and argument, and if time permits will cover punctuation and/or mechanics.

Be prepared to: spend an entire hour working on your assignment and be encouraged to make a follow-up appointment to discuss feedback you receive on your writing. Consultants and students will work as a team to help as much as possible with the writing process, but we cannot guarantee a good grade. We are a resource to you, but your professor reserves the right to grade your assignments

Bring: an electronic or hard copy of your assignment sheet and the writing you have completed.  We will provide the rest, including an email to your professor that notes your attendance and the topics you covered in the session.