Department of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science

Pre-Professional Programs


The Department of Biology and Chemistry offers a preparatory program for students interested in the health professions. At Montevallo, advising for professions such as medicine and dentistry begins in the freshman year and culminates with the “PLUNGE” in the junior year. The “PLUNGE” is the preparatory program designed specifically for the health professions’ entrance exams and application process. This is a self-study course under the watchful care of the health professions advisor at Montevallo. The students will take actual entrance exams, work on applications and personal statements and go through mock interviews.

Example Schedule for Med. School Preparation download

A wide variety of pre-professional programs may be planned that will fulfill specific requirements for admission to either allopathic or osteopathic medical schools while allowing students to pursue their individual academic interests. Students should consult the catalogs of particular health-professions schools for specific information on admissions requirements.


Independent of academic advising for their majors, students can be advised regarding their preparation for admission to health-professional school by the Health Professions Advisory Committee in the Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Health-professions advising assignments will be made by Dr. Noerager, based on the professional and educational goals of the student. It is important that all students interested in health-professions careers, regardless of educational majors, contact Dr. Noerager prior to registration for courses, so that programs of study for the health professions can be outlined.


When applying to professional programs, the student may request an evaluation letter from the Health Professions Advisory Committee. This evaluation letter will be based in part on information from two academic recommendation letters, which should be sent to Dr. Noerager, Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee. The student is responsible for requesting the two recommendation letters and for informing the Advisory Committee to which schools the evaluation letter should be sent.