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Mary Maxwell

Dr. Mary Maxwell received her B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Montevallo in 2006 and her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Alabama in 2013.

She received the Outstanding Teaching by a Doctoral Candidate award in April of 2011. Dr. Maxwell was a full-time adjunct faculty member at UM during her last year as a Ph.D. student, and she joined the UM faculty as an assistant professor in August 2013. Dr. Maxwell is teaching Discrete Mathematics, Calculus I, the Nature of Mathematics and Pre-calculus.

Dr. Maxwell’s research interest is in a Bayesian approach to item response theory (IRT), which reflects her interest in assessment and mathematics education. Many different statistical techniques come together under the umbrella of IRT, including model-data fit, hypothesis testing, factor analysis, residual analysis, maximum likelihood estimation techniques and Bayesian estimation methods. The availability of free software means there are many ways for students to be actively involved in her research.

Dr. Maxwell is currently directing a senior thesis project that will be presented at the 16th annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics.

Curriculum Vitae