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Jeremy Vates

Dr. Jeremy Vates received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Marian University. He received his Master of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy in Applied and Industrial Mathematics from the University of Louisville. He joined the University of Montevallo faculty in 2018.

Dr. Vates has done most of his research in relatively new field of mathematics, post-quantum cryptography. This is a growing field to battle the future onslaught of quantum computers. He specifically works with multivariate public key systems. He has published multiple papers through the crypto conference, PQCrypto and has also served as a referee for PQCrypto 2017 and PQCrypto 2018.

While quite invested in his research, Dr. Vates views himself as a teacher first and foremost. Before joining the UM faculty, he taught a variety of mathematics at the University of Louisville as well as teaching a cryptography course to 8th and 9th graders through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program.

Curriculum Vitae