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Shannon Pinegar (psychology)

Dr. Shannon Pinegar is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Montevallo. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Baruch, CUNY, her Ph.D. and M.S. from Ohio University, and her B.A. from Purdue University. She has taught at the following institutions: Miami University, York College, John Jay College, Manhattan College, Guttman Community College, Baruch College, Ohio University, and Qinhuangdao Foreign Language High School. Her classes include Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Undergraduate Statistics, Graduate Statistics, Research Methods, Prejudice and the Minority Experience, Fandom and Storytelling, Social Issues, Foundations to Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology. She has also been a faculty advisor for student organizations such as Psi Chi and Ohio Innocence Project.

Dr. Pinegar’s research encompasses three broad areas. First, her research on intuition examines the circumstances that negatively impact intuitive performance and how obstacles target unconscious and conscious components of the metacognitive process. Her second area of research examines false confessions, and the factors change perceptions of confession voluntariness during an interrogation. Her third area of research examines narrative identification, i.e., when one takes on the mindset of a protagonist in a story.

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