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John Bawden (history)

Dr. John Bawden is professor of History at the University of Montevallo. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of California-Riverside. At UM he teaches a variety of courses including Colonial Latin America, Modern Brazil, Cold War Latin America, Digital History, and Baseball History. He leads university tours to Cuba.

His monograph, The Pinochet Generation: the Chilean Military in the Twentieth Century, examines the training, memory, and professional formation of Chile’s officer corps. His most recent book, Latin American Soldiers: Armed Forces in the Region’s History introduces readers to the study of armed forces in Latin American history through narratives about four very different countries: Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, and Chile. Bawden’s published work has appeared in The Latinamericanist, the Journal of Latin American Studies, and the Encyclopedia of U.S.-Latin American Relations. He was the 2017-2018 University Scholar

See Dr. Bawden’s CV here.

His personal website may be viewed here.