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2021 QEP

Have you heard about the QEP?

The QEP, also known as Quality Enhancement Plan, is a campus-wide initiative at the University of Montevallo designed to focus instruction and resources toward a particular area that has the potential to impact student success. The focus of the first UM QEP was “Brick by Brick: Building Information Literacy” in 2016. The focus of the new UM QEP in 2021 is Professional and Career Development. UM wants to do all we can to ensure students graduate with the skills employers value. Please scroll down the webpage to see the goals of the 2021 QEP.

QEP Feedback

The QEP Development Committee welcomes feedback from faculty, staff, and administration!

Please review the presentation below and send feedback by either contacting Dr. Linda Murdock directly or by attending a Zoom Town Hall on Thursday, October 1 at 1 p.m. Interested participants should email Dr. Murdock for a Zoom invitation.

QEP Power Point Presentation

Meanwhile, we need your help to find a name for this exciting new initiative! We are announcing a student contest to create a name and logo for the Professional Development QEP, with prizes to the top three names!

Prizes will include an iPad mini, AirPods and additional Montevallo swag. Please submit your entry to Dr. Linda Murdock at or in person to the Wallace Speech and Language Center, Office 6. Entries should include a name for the QEP (possibly an acronym) and a logo. Please clearly mark your entry with your name and contact information. The deadline for entries has been extended and are now due by November 2, 2020.

UM 2021 QEP: Professional and Career Development

Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1: Students will improve professional communication proficiency.

SLO 1: Students will use effective verbal communication skills when conveying professional and interpersonal thoughts and ideas. 

This outcome’s result is the students’ ability to network, interview, and conduct formal presentations effectively.  

SLO 2: Students will use effective written communication skills when conveying professional and interpersonal thoughts and ideas. 

This outcome’s result is the student’s ability to write e-mails, letters, reports, and other professional artifacts effectively. 

Goal 2: Students will increase engagement in career management. 

SLO 3: Students will be able to write initial career plans for achieving their goals.   

This outcome’s result will be for students to set career goals, identify potential careers, make salary projections, identify educational requirements, and develop strategies to reach their goals.

SLO4: Students will revise and re-evaluate career plans during the Junior or Senior year.

This outcome’s result will be for students to reflect on strengths, skills, and progress toward goals in order to revise plans and goal achievement strategies effectively.

SLO 5:  Students will demonstrate appropriate presentation of professional credentials for their discipline.

This outcome’s result will be for students to identify the materials required for the interview process in their disciplines and create materials that positively showcase their attributes (e.g. resume, media, online presence, and portfolio).

Goal 3: Students will improve professionalism and work ethic.

SLO 6: Students will develop appropriate work behaviors related to skills and traits valued by employers. 

This outcome’s result will be for students to achieve improved employer ratings in power skills including reliability, dependability, teamwork, communication, professionalism, problem solving, respecting others, and ethics. 

SLO 7: Students will develop a commitment to diversity, inclusion, ethics, policy, and appropriate interpersonal conduct.  

This outcome’s result will be for students to develop skills in problem solving, conflict resolution, teamwork, leadership, and to indicate an understanding of the importance refraining from all forms of sexual harassment, bias, and discrimination in the workplace.