Coronavirus Information

November 18: Fall 2020 End-of-Term Work Schedules and Compensation for Student Employees

In accordance with the Falcon Forward plan for the 2020 fall semester, the University will transition to a distance education model beginning Monday, November 30.  This transition may affect student employees’ work schedules and anticipated compensation. The following information should be helpful in clarifying expectations for Graduate Assistants and Work Study and Jobship employees.

  1. All student employees should discuss their individual return-to-campus plans and work schedules with their supervisors.  Student employees will likely fall into one of the following scenarios:

a. Student employees choosing not to return to campus between Thanksgiving and spring semester should not be included in departmental work schedules.  These student employees will not be reprimanded for work absences during this time.

b. Student employees returning to campus after Thanksgiving may be scheduled to work through the end of the semester according to the needs of their departments.

c. When practical, supervisors may approve for student employees to work remotely.  Student employees should accurately report their time worked via Banner Self-service and their accomplishments must be carefully monitored by supervisors for quality and quantity.

d. Certain students may be required to return to campus between Thanksgiving and the end of semester, if their job duties are essential to meeting the objectives of the University.

2. Student employees who are NOT working between Thanksgiving and spring semester will NOT receive any compensation for missed hours of work.

3. Timesheet deadlines remain the same as previously published on the 2020 Payroll Calendar with the exception of the December 6 – December 19 pay period. Timesheets for this pay period are due by Sunday, December 20, at noon.

4. Student employees scheduled to work after Thanksgiving, but unable to do so due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or mandated quarantine, may qualify for emergency pay based on the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act).