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March 25, 2020: Provost Announcement Regarding Spring 2020 Grading

Please see the information below from the Registrar’s Office concerning Spring 2020 Grading. Please visit the Registrar’s Office webpage for more information. Please contact the Registrar’s Office by phone at 205-665-6040 or by email at for additional information.

Spring 2020 P/CR/NC End of Term and Alternative Grading information

Important Dates

  • Monday, 04/27 – Final Grades viewable to students through Banner Self-Service as entered and rolled to history
  • Monday, 04/27 – Final Grade conversion request form opens (access from Registrar’s Office page in Canvas, located in Help Menu)
  • Wednesday, 04/29 – No early deadline for graduation candidate final grades
  • Friday, 05/01 – All outstanding incomplete grades from Fall 2019 and previous must be satisfied
  • Saturday, 05/02 – Degree Conferral date; Spring Commencement postponed
  • Monday, 05/04 – All final grades due no later than 10:00 AM
  • Friday, 05/08 – Deadline for Spring Graduation candidates to submit final grade conversion requests
  • Monday, 05/11 – Graduation processing, transcripts distributed, diplomas mailed this week
  • Friday, 07/31 – Deadline for final grade conversion requests (other than for Spring graduation candidates)

The University of Montevallo will implement the following alternative grading system for Undergraduate Students for the Spring 2020 semester:
1.       For all courses, faculty will enter the letter grade earned by each student by the final grading deadline of Monday, 5/4/2020, at 10am. The original letter grade will be archived.
2.       Students may elect to keep one or more letter grades earned (A, B, C, D, P, S, F, NC) and the grades will be calculated into the semester and overall institutional grade point average (GPA). Grades of “P” and “D” or higher will apply to earned hours.
3.       Alternatively, students may elect to convert one or more letter grades to the following non-punitive grades:

a.       Pass (P) – replaces earned letter grade of “C” or above. The course will count as credit toward degree requirements but the grade will not factor into the calculation of the student’s term and overall grade point average. A grade of “P” will be displayed on the academic transcript in place of the assigned letter grade.
b.       Credit (CR) – replaces earned letter grade of “D”. The course will count as credit toward degree requirements but the grade will not factor into the calculation of the student’s term and overall grade point average.  A grade of “CR” will be displayed on the academic transcript in place of the assigned letter grade. Note: some courses and programs require a grade of “C” or higher and “CR” will not meet that requirement.
c.       No Credit (NC) – replaces earned letter grade of “F”. The course will not count as credit toward degree requirements and the grade will not factor into the calculation of the student’s term and overall grade point average. A grade of “NC” will be displayed on the academic transcript in place of the assigned letter grade.
d.       Note: Faculty entered grades of U (certain courses only) or NC (ENG 101, 102, 103, 104, MATH 131) are not eligible for conversion as they do not calculate into the semester or overall institution grade point average by default.

4.       Students should consult carefully with advisors, chairs, program coordinators, certification officers (TES, VA, athletics, etc.), the Falcon Success Center, and/or the Associate Registrar (for graduation candidates) in order to make the best decisions before requesting grade conversion.
5.       If a student chooses to convert one or more letter grades to an alternative grade, an official request must be made with the Registrar’s Office.  A fillable PDF or link to an electronic form will be distributed to students by UM email prior to the end of the Spring Semester. The form or link will also be made available on the Registrar’s Office Resources page in Canvas (located in the Help menu for students).
6.       Final grade conversion request for Spring 2020 must be submitted no later than:

a.       05/08/2020 – For Spring graduation candidates
b.       07/31/2020 – for all other students

7.       The University is committed to a flexible, understanding approach when reviewing Academic Standing (suspension, dismissals, etc.), Standard Academic Progress (financial aid), and scholarship renewals.
8.       Inclusion on Dean’s and President’s List will be based on the recorded grades before the application of requested grade conversions.
9.       Graduate Programs will make the decision about utilization of this system for their individual programs. Graduate programs will inform the Provost’s office and Registrar’s office about the decisions for their programs, so we can ensure that all graduate faculty and students are fully informed about the Spring 2020 grading options for their programs.
10.   This alternative grading option will be extended to the Summer 2020 classes. Grade conversion request deadlines for Summer 2020 courses will be announced no later than July 1st.

Note for Graduate Students – The alternative grading option may not apply to all graduate programs. Please contact you graduate program advisor or coordinator for more information.

Faculty will enter the actual letter grade earned by students for each class. Students will then have the option to convert one or more final grades to the P/CR/NC grading option (see above). Students will submit requests through a Dynamic Form enter your login information (same as Canvas) to submit your request (see below) you can also accessed the form on the Registrar’s Office Canvas page (located in the Help menu).

Students should consult with their academic advisor, program coordinator, any certification officers (athletic, veteran, teacher education), and others before making a final decision.

Each request submitted will be forwarded to the student’s primary academic advisor for acknowledgement. This is to ensure the requested conversion will not harm the student’s academic progress or standing in a certified program. The advisor must acknowledge the request before it’s forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for processing. All grade conversions to P/CR/NC will be processed as a grade change in order to archive the original earned grade.

GPAs, Academic Standing, and Transcripts
Semester and overall GPAs will be updated and calculated by Tuesday, 05/05. Academic standing lists will be forwarded to department chairs and college deans for review on that day. UM is committed to a flexible, understanding approach in reviewing academic standing and notifications to students will be sent out by the end of the week.

As grade conversions are processed, GPAs and transcripts will be undated individually. Therefore, in order to distribute more accurate transcripts, requests for transcripts containing final spring grades will be processed on Monday 05/11. If you should need a transcript with Spring grades before then, contact the Registrar’s Office.

Spring and Summer Graduation Candidates
To allow time for Spring candidates to submit grade conversions, degrees will be awarded on Monday, 05/11, with the original conferral date of 05/02/2020.

A separate email was sent directly to graduation candidates with specific information regarding graduation timelines and processing adjustments.

Student Requests for Final Grade Conversions
Note: That Spring graduation candidates must have their request no later than Friday, 5/8. All other requests for Spring final grade conversions must be submitted no later than July 31st.

Request for Final Grade Conversion (Non-Graduating Students)

Graduation Candidates request for Final Grade Conversion