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January 14, 2021: Continuation of Pay Under Certain COVID-Related Absences

Previous Families First Coronavirus Response Act Information

Voluntary By Employer FFCRA Continuation Notice

Voluntary By Employer FFCRA Certification Form

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), the law that previously allowed us to continue to pay our employees for certain personal COVID-related absences, expired on December 31, 2020 and was not renewed or extended.  However, in recognition of the hard work and dedication of University employees throughout the pandemic, the University of Montevallo has decided to voluntarily continue providing employees with the same leave benefits of the FFCRA through the last day of the Spring of 2021 semester.  The University will continue to provide this paid leave to qualifying employees under the terms, conditions, and requirements of the FFCRA as if the Act had not expired. (The 2020 FFCRA informational poster, explaining those terms, conditions, and requirements, is attached for your reference.)

Also please see the link above to the official Continuation Notice and Certification Form. If you incur a qualifying COVID-related situation and cannot telework, the University’s voluntary continuation of the FFCRA may allow us to continue your pay. For employees who cannot work or telework due to a COVID-related absence, a completed Certification Form is required to be returned to HR in order for pay continuation to occur.

It is important to know, because the University’s decision to provide this paid leave is an expense that is not required by law, the University must closely scrutinize paid leave requests to ensure the employee is qualified and thus the University will expect appropriate documentation or other verification from the employee to justify the paid leave request.

HR is available to assist employees with this process and provide information regarding the necessary documentation and verification requirements when we are notified of the absence.