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UM Board Policies

Section 3: Fiscal


Policy Number

Policy Description


Last Revised

03- Fiscal 03:001 Budget and Budgetary Control Feb-99 Apr-08
03- Fiscal 03:005 Acceptance and Administration of Contributions Feb-99  Aug-17
03- Fiscal 03:010 Cash Receipts and Deposits Nov-98  Aug-17
03- Fiscal 03:015 Banking May-11  Aug-17
03- Fiscal 03:020 Purchasing from Outside Vendors Feb-87 Aug-17
03- Fiscal 03:030 Movable Equipment Nov-98 Aug-17
03- Fiscal 03:035 Surplus Property Feb-99  Aug-17
03- Fiscal 03:040 University Travel Feb-99 Nov-20
03- Fiscal 03:041 Use of University Vehicles Jun-79 Nov-20
03- Fiscal 03:050 Administration of Grants and Contracts Oct-80 Aug-20
03- Fiscal 03:060 Investments Feb-99 Aug-08
03- Fiscal 03:065 Post-Issuance Compliance for Tax-Exempt Bonds, Notes and Other Obligations May-13 Aug-17
03-Fiscal 03:100 Tuition Policy for Non-Resident Students  Aug-17 Nov-19