Registration Information

Banner Self Service Registration Instructions

Banner Self-Service Registration Instructions

  1. Access Banner Self-Service.
  2. Log in using the same information as your email and canvas login.
  3. Click on Student Tab or Link and then on Registration.
  4. Click on Select Term and select the appropriate term from the drop down menu then Submit.
  5. Click on Add or Drop Classes (if using Class Search, see below).
    (You may be asked to confirm/update your cell phone number. Follow the steps to complete the request. Once you successfully complete the request the Add or Drop Classes form will appear).
  6. Enter the CRN numbers (call numbers) to add courses and click Submit Changes to register, (or click the Class Search button if you do not know the CRN numbers to begin building your schedule)
  7. Using the “Look Up Classes” search
    • Select a subject (required) or click on Advance Search and select a subject.
    • Select multiple subjects by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on desired subjects.
    • Select any other search criteria desired.
      Note: A wildcard (%) can be used in any text field. For example, entering a 3% in the Course Number field will search for all 300-level courses.
    • Click the Class Search button to submit a query.
    • Check the select box by each course you wish to register for and either select the Register button at the bottom of the page which will display the courses, or select the Add to Worksheet button to display the CRNs you are trying to register.
    • You must click the Submit Changes button located at the bottom of the screen to register.
  8. Return to the Menu to select a schedule view from the three schedule options – Week at a Glance, Student Detail Schedule, or Concise Student Schedule. Click on one to view your schedule.
  9. Print your schedule by clicking on the printer icon.
  10. After you have completed the registration process, click on Exit to log out (top of page just under tabs). Close the browser to ensure you completely log out before your leave.
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You are responsible for all registration and drop/add done on Self-Service. Please pay very close attention to what you do. After you register or drop/add classes on Self-Service, always check your Detailed Schedule and Student Account for accuracy. Call the Registrar’s Office if you have any questions or need assistance – 205-665-6040.

Full time registration is 12 credit hours for an undergraduate and 9 hours for a graduate.
Suggest Course of Study for undergraduate requires an average of 15 semester hours per Fall and Spring.
Supplement Fall and Spring hours with Summer enrollment.